Gracie’s Backyard

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A documentary film that offers a candid look into the daily life of the world’s northernmost commercial permaculture farm through the eyes of the people who live and work there.

Located at 59°N in rural Sweden, Ridgedale Permaculture is a 10-hectare farm that integrates pastured eggs and chickens, no-dig market gardens, silvo-pasture and orchard systems, all while offering an example of how holistic design can help pave the way to a new model of food production that is small-scale, profitable and regenerative for the land.

Discover how Richard Perkins and his partner Yohanna Amselem managed to turn this abandoned farm into a vibrant place that is now as much a working farm as it is an education hub.

Richard Perkins is an internationally-regarded teacher, innovative farmer, permaculture leader and author of Making Small Farms Work. He has worked professionally in every major climate zone across several continents consulting to projects, farms & industry, and has also led over 40 solo Permaculture Design Course’s as well as dozens of other specialist courses, practicums and seminars. He’s the co-owner of Ridgedale Permaculture.

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2 reviews for Gracie’s Backyard

  1. Matthew Wesche

    Absolutely brilliant documentary. Do not watch this and expect to understand how to run or understand this farm model. It is an inspiration and philosophy piece that can drive motivation to learn more. That being said, it still offers great insight into what mindful agriculture can be and is a vibrant, beautiful presentation.

  2. Pirot Alexandre

    Nice film but a little too philosophical and not practical enough
    Very beautiful cover as always with possible media!

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