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Gracie’s Backyard – COMING SOON 

A documentary film that offers a candid look into the daily life of the world’s the northernmost commercial permaculture farm through the eyes of the people who live and work there. Located at 59°N in rural Sweden, Ridgedale Permaculture is a 10-hectare farm that integrates several enterprises while offering an example of how holistic design can help pave the way to a new model of food production that is small-scale, profitable and regenerative for the land.

→ Duration : approx 76 min    → DVD-SD or Digital 1080p or 720P

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The Market Gardener’s Toolkit

The Market Gardener’s Toolkit is an educational film in which small-scale organic farmer, educator and author Jean-Martin Fortier shares the tools and techniques used on his highly productive 1.5-acre farm.

→ Duration : 78 min    → DVD-SD or Digital 1080p or 720P

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Permaculture Skills

A film series distilled from 20 days of cold-climate Permaculture Design Courses hosted by Whole Systems Design LLC. An invitation to learn from a combination of academic teaching, practical field work and hands-on workshops.      Where is the Digital option ?

→ Duration : 468 min    → DVD-SD

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The Permaculture Orchard : Beyond Organic

An educational film about the largest permaculture orchard in eastern North America and on the future of fruit growing.

→ Duration : 115 min    → DVD-SD or Digital 1080p or 720P

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The Art and Science of Natural Plaster

Educational documentary with author, teacher and craftsman Chris Magwood, sharing 20 years of experience in Natural Plasters.

→ Duration : 90 min    → DVD-SD or Digital at 720P

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