Drummondville’s front yard vegetable garden

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I’d been following the story of this couple since last year, and I was looking forward to paying them a visit ever since I spoke with Michel over the phone back in February. This couple from Drummondville, Quebec, made the news last year as they fought to keep their front yard vegetable garden, but also to make sure others wouldn’t lose the right to have one.

With support from nonprofit Kitchen Gardeners International, they eventually convinced the City to reverse their decision and allow front yard gardens throughout the entire city. Josée and Michel had no gardening experience before embarking on this adventure, but somehow became advocates for urban farming. They helped publish a book destined to gardeners, but also to city administrations, with the idea of giving them the tools to put in place proper bylaws allowing front yard gardens. The book (in French only) is available online for free.

Through their story, they not only manage to show how gardening is easy and achievable by just about anybody (the amount of stuff in their garden is amazing!), but also prove that one person (two, in this case), can make a huge difference. Josée and Michel also have a blog where they talk about their garden and other related subjects. You can check it out here.